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Sinus Lift Specialist

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To restore your upper teeth using dental implants, you’ll need sufficient jaw bone density. If you don’t have enough bone in your upper jaw, a sinus lift surgery may be your best option. At Tysons Dental Design Center in Vienna, Virginia, the team of dentists provides high-quality surgical care making sure your dental implant is successful and long-lasting. If you live in the communities of Vienna, Reston, Potomac Falls, Herndon or Oak Hill, call the office for further information on sinus lift surgery or book your appointment online.

Sinus Lift Q & A

What is sinus lift surgery?

Sinus lift surgery is a bone grafting procedure done when there’s not enough bone in your upper jaw to successfully place a dental implant.

A sinus lift surgery may be for you if you have one of the following.

  • Missing a significant amount of upper jaw bone
  • Missing one or more teeth in the back of your jaw

Dental implants need a strong jaw bone to hold them in place. If the Tysons Dental Design Center team determines you need sinus lift surgery, it’s likely because you only have a thin wall of bone separating your mouth and maxillary sinus.

What can I expect during sinus lift surgery?

During your surgery consultation at Tysons Dental Design Center, the dental staff takes X-rays to review your jaw, sinuses, and the surrounding structures. Afterward, your dentist injects a local anesthetic to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure.

Once the numbing takes effect, your dentist exposes your upper jaw bone by making an incision in your gums near the back of your mouth, known as the molar region. They then cut a small opening into your jaw bone to locate your sinus membrane, which separates your mouth from your sinuses. Afterward, your dentist gently pushes the membrane upwards into the maxillary sinus and away from your jaw.

Your dentist applies biodegradable synthetic material that imitates bone formation into the pocket where the sinus was, followed by stitching up the incision.

It takes several months for the grafted material to become part of your jaw bone. Once this happens, you return to Tysons Dental Design Center to have your dentist insert the dental implant.

What can I expect after sinus lift surgery?

Your surgery should take between 90 to 120 minutes. After surgery, you will likely experience bleeding, swelling, and pain around your surgery site. The dental team recommends using ice packs to reduce your swelling and not to use straws as the sucking motion can prevent blood clots from forming properly. In addition, it’s recommended to avoid blowing your nose for a few days while your sinus heals.

If you’d like to restore your smile using dental implants, but lack sufficient upper jaw bone density, you could be the perfect candidate for sinus lift surgery. Call Tysons Dental Design Center today or schedule your appointment online.